Savagery In Lord Of The Flies Literary Analysis

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Social Destruction Lord of the flies is based on British boys getting stuck on a uninhabited island along comes the destruction of their small society. Upon landing, the boys attempt to establish a society with law and order. Although the boys get rescued at the end of the story, Golding uses Ralph and Jack to argue how savagery and the loss of civility leads to the destruction of society. While jack goes on a hunt he puts on war paint, he discovers that the mask he wears cover up his identity and insecurities. The conch represents civility once the boys stop respecting the conch their society starts to collapse. Once jack starts to hunt he wears a mask the mask changes him into a more…show more content…
leads into a more destructive society in which the boys live in. As time passes, the boys start to become more savage as does the hope of being rescued. When Samneric claim to have had an encounter with the beast the boys set off on a hunt for the beast. While they go hunting for the beast jack suggests that they go hunting for meat, after almost succeeding in killing the pig they become so exited that they start reenacting the encounter. “wedded to her in lust exited by the long chase and the dropped blood…the sow collapsed under them and they were heave and fulfilled upon.her”(Golding 108). The boys were no longer hunting just for meat they hunted for dear and pleasure, they not only just killed the sow they murdered her, they found pleasure in causing pain to a living being. As the time progressed it is shown that the boys are starting to become more savage just as their civility is starting to leave their nature. As time passes and the boys start loosing their civility they become more willing to commit gruesome acts without a second thought. After time passes the boys commit yet another cruel act they murder piggy and with that they loose intellect in their society. Following Piggy’s death comes the murder of Simon, after discovering the truth about the beast Simon tries to tell the rest of the boys it was just a dead parachutist they instead kill Simon.

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