Savagery In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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In today 's CIVILIZATION, Golding would see how individuals react differently to violence in comparison to when he wrote the novel. However, Golding suggested that individuals become savage when their survival is on the line. The instinct is still a part of us today because it 's in human nature to turn violent. Golding represents the savagery with the symbol of the beast; the beast is shown through the boy’s fear. Thesis: Golding would be surprised to see that there is still savagery in humans today, and that his theory, on HUMANITY was true about humans and their nature. William Golding develops the savagery in humans through Jack and Ralph. Jack emphasises the idea of savagery, and how the boys should live on the island, where he doesn 't want to be civilized. Ralph, on the other hand, wants a CIVILIZATION and this causes problems from the start for all the boys on the island. Because Jack and Ralph hold different opinions of how to live from the start, conflict and rivalry is created. Ralph counts and says “ I’m chief then...Jacks in charge of the choir. They can be--what do you want them to be?” (23). This claims that Ralph and Jack are pulling people in to join their side; Jack’s group is the hunters and Ralph is focusing further on surviving. This relates to our society within groups. Our school is very sectioned off in means of friend groups, people, and cliques. In relation to Jack and Ralph, people tend to stay in cliques due to comfortability and trust. Trust
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