Savagery In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Lord Of The Flies Essay Humans have been on this earth for thousands of years. Time is one of the many factor that has crafted us into the people we see today. In order for the human race to transfer from the beginning of our existence to now, some extraordinary changes were vital to form our modern day society.What would happen if the modern day society that we have created disappeared from the population? Assuming that people lost all order and returned to our ancient behaviors (Gerund phrase), would certainly cause a disaster. Savagery would take over once again. Who 's to say that savagery has ever left us? Maybe savagery has always been with us, and we have covered it up with a false sense of rules(Compound Sentence). William Golding, who wrote Lord of the Flies(Adjective Clause), wrote it with a good purpose. The book is written with a setting in the midst of world war two, which was one of the most deadly wars of all time(Complex Sentence). It shows how humans have evolved for thousands of years away from savagery, only to be consolidated with it in major world war. In the story, school boys are being flown out of england, in hopes of keeping them safe from World War two. In their flight, their plane was mistakenly shot down. Faced with a new world without any formal law(Participle Phrase), the boys were dropped into an untouched environment.. A sort of democracy is set up but, it is questionable if it will last. Ralph, arguably the main
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