Savagery In William Marberg's Lord Of The Flies

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Imagine being on an island with unknown faces for an unknown amount of time. What would it take to survive? Become a civilization or turn against each other and become savages? In Lord of the Flies by William Goldberg, a twelve year old boy named Ralph tries to bring a group of stranded pre-teens together by just using a conch shell. Ralph had a plan to make a civilization and work together as a group to be saved from the island they were stranded on. This plan ultimately fails because Jack thought that savagery was the way to live on an island. Because of the two opposing sides of how to survive on the island, there are many conflicts. Although Ralph tries to make a civilization, it ultimately failed due to the boys’ age and lack of immaturity. How could only a conch shell bring a group of stubborn boys together? Ralph and Piggy had the idea that they could use this shell to call a meeting and because of this shell, island society was off to a good start. The boys create a rule that no one can speak unless they have possession of the conch and for some time, this rule…show more content…
The island society plan could have worked but due to the immaturity of twelve year old boys, it fails. Jack’s jealous of Ralph’s power, and decides the boys should go against civilization and become savages. This is a result of immaturity and because of this, there is a civil war. Another result of immaturity was when Samneric, Piggy, and Ralph go up to the tribe and try to maturely make things right with the savages, the tribe attacks Piggy and as a result, he dies. Samneric also got forced to go over and join the tribe and maybe, if they were more mature, they could have stood up for themselves and stayed on Ralph’s side. Ralph’s plan could have worked if the boys were more mature and older, but they were not working together to create a signal fire, and therefore were not saved as quickly as
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