Savagery Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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In the book Lord of the Flies, Golding Williams portrays a story about civilization and Savagery. The story starts when a plane full of school boys being evacuated from England is attacked in the air by enemies. This plane falls into a tropical Island in the Pacific Ocean, and only boys between the age of six and twelve survived the crash. Ralph and Pig find a counch, and with Pig’s idea, Ralph blow the counch and a huge sound calls the other boys that were in the Island and they gathered onto the beach. Ultimately, a choir comes to the beach led by a boy called Jack. Together, they decide to vote for a chief and they choose Ralph, knowing that he is the one who called the other with the sound of the counch. Jack is not satisfied though, for…show more content…
Piggy dies because of the cruelty of Roger. Sadly, Ralph run away into the forest. Roger and Jack suggest to torture Sameneric. After, Jack and his tribe are on a feast when Ralph gets back to castle rock and talks to Sameneric who are in a look out. They alert to Ralph that the tribe wants to hunt him in the following day. Ralph hides into the glade where he finds the lord of the flies. Ralph destroys the lord of the flies and takes the stick to defend himself. Then he hides in the bushes, but the traitors Sameneric tells Jack where he is hiding. Jack light the fire in the bushes in order to find Ralph and kill him. The fire take over the island and makes a huge layer of smoke. Ralph thinks the only way out is to get to the beach, where he knows the boys will soon be there. Ralph runs to the beach in despair. Finally, he sees a British naval officer standing in front of him. The officer is investigating the layer of the smoke made by the fire in the island. Then other boys reach the beach all with painted faces and sharp sticks as savages. Ralph tries to explain what happened to the officer, but with memories of those who died he starts to cry and the others do the same
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