Golding Williams Lord Of The Flies: Character Analysis

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In the book Lord of the Flies, Golding Williams portrays a story about civilization and Savagery. The story starts when a plane full of school boys being evacuated from England is attacked in the air by enemies. This plane falls into a tropical Island in the Pacific Ocean, and only boys between the age of six and twelve survived the crash. Ralph and Pig find a counch, and with Pig’s idea, Ralph blow the counch and a huge sound calls the other boys that were in the Island and they gathered onto the beach. Ultimately, a choir comes to the beach led by a boy called Jack. Together, they decide to vote for a chief and they choose Ralph, knowing that he is the one who called the other with the sound of the counch. Jack is not satisfied though, for…show more content…
Then, he and his comrades leave the meeting. Subsequently, Ralph shows his weakness by saying he wants to give up from being a chief, because maybe jack is the best and also he has no control of the boys. Afterward, Simon and Piggy tells him to stay chief because Jack with his obsess to hunt would be a terrible chief, knowing that he does not like Piggy, he would hurt him. At the same day at night, a parachutist falls into the forest. Sameneric who are in charge of the fire, see the parachutist and run to the other boys. They tell them they were attacked by the beast on the mountain. Consequently, the other boys go to look for the beast in Castle Rock, a place they haven’t explore yet, though, they don’t find any beast there. So, they turn around and get back to the mountain. During their way they were hunting, in this game one of the boys pretended to be the pig. In fact, Ralph liked the game. When they get to the mountain, Jack, Ralph and Roger the parachutist. It was dark and they run away thinking that the parachute is the beast. In the following day, onto the beach, Jack tells the others boys to take Ralph out as a chief, but none of them do
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