Savagery Lord Of The Flies Essay

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William Golding, who is the award winning author of the novel Lord of the Flies adventures through the idea of savagery throughout his writing. The term savage is when someone or something acts inhumane and unlike other people or things around them. Savage is used in more than just the Lord of the Flies, but movies and real life events as well. The constant disobeying of laws and rules all lead to this kind of behavior. Many incidents make the person with the savage personality disliked by most people around them. Golding, on the other hand, clearly displays who the savage is in his story. Savagery inspires chaos in a civilization and can be related to the Lord of the Flies, The Dark Knight and terrorist groups around the world. In the novel…show more content…
Most countries and territories around the world have to deal with the growing concept of terrorism. Terrorist groups are affecting many communities and civilizations in a negative way. Groups such as Isis are known for random mass shootings, bombings and the leading cause for the ongoing war in the Middle East. “The regime launched a particularly savage series of bombings against the Syrian town of Douma, killing up to 250 civilians,” (Muhammad Idrees Ahmad). Isis is known for harming not only other countries, but also their own in order to make everyone believe what they do. Because of this, chaos is continually occurring in this region of the world. Laws and orders are not followed due to the heavy usage of weapons and constant outbreaks of wars, leaving police without an answer. In the end, Golding has a deeper meaning of savagery than most would think after reading The Lord of the Flies. This meaning can be associated with movies and everyday life as well. Weather it be a thrill movie or a comedy, there is always a chance to see a character that represents savagery. Everyone posses what it takes to be savage, but it's their choice if they want to fall down the wrong path to it. Savagery influences chaos in a civilization and can be associated with the Lord of the Flies, The Dark Knight, and terrorist groups around the
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