Savagery Quotes In Macbeth

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In the play Macbeth illustrate innate human tendency to make inhumane choices when given the freedom to. When Macbeth realize that he is trusted by the king and is given more freedom , his inner savagery is stimulated. For example, when Macbeth at the beginning of the novel was praised by the king and his friends as he the kings says “worthiest cousin” macbeth shows that he does not think of anyting but loyalt and respect to his kingdom, but in his mind he seeks the ambition in becoming king and thinks recklessly and tragic activities on his mind. As the acts of savagery become more integrated, the idea of death and blood becomes more comforting, and even encouraging. When king Duncan announces that his son malcom will be next to the throne…show more content…
Not only is this murder different in terms of reasoning, but the consequence itself proved to be a complete backfire as Macduff, fueled with rage, returns to England to end Macbeth’s life. Following the metaphorical trail of blood, each murder presents a new and more developed stage of dementia. “The castle of Macduff I will surprise, / Seize upon Fife; give to the edge o’ the sword / His wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls / That trace him in his line. No boasting like a fool; / This deed I’ll do before this purpose cool (IV, i, 150-154). The first murder of King Duncan only sealed Macbeth’s paranoia and served as a foundation for the murders of Banquo and Macduff’s family. After the first murder, Macbeth feels a colossal amount of guilt and shame. After the murder of Banquo, he feels that it is not enough since Fleance escaped, developing his guilt and shame of harming others into a fear for his own safety; a devastating degradation. However, during the assassination of Macduff’s family, Macbeth gives the command immediately without thought and without a trace of remorse after doing so. This thereby concludes his psychological downfall as he no longer feels guilty, ashamed, or fears
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