Savagery Vs Civilization Analysis

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Written by William Golding, Golding brings Lord of the Flies where a band of young British boys are stuck at an island and soon see the dark side of them and transforms them into savages. As savergey takes over, the children’s thinking begin to change as their fate of being rescued begins to dwindle. Golding is able to display the power of rules and impulses towards savagery, and how civilization can be discarded. With the kids having their parents away becoming used to a civilization that doesn’t enforced rules makes their natural instincts comes alive. The reader can see that savagery and civilization are two strong forces that integrated into the Lord of the Flies. Ralph’s desire of a civilized utopia is in direct contrast to Jack’s desire…show more content…
Golding also shows how different people can be influenced of the instincts of civilization and savagery. Piggy and Roger is an example by how they are in the same condition, but Piggy has no savage intentions meanwhile Roger seems barely controlling himself. The signal fire in the novel shows the reader that there is still life or hope. If the signal fire was to be out, then all hope is gone. The signal fire became a test to the boys' connection with civilization. The “Beast” give the children frightens all the boys, this gives the readers a symbol for the instinct of savagery. As their savagery grows, their belief in the beast grows stronger “Beast” grows, "There was confusion in the darkness and the creature lifted its head, holding toward them the ruin of face."1 As the boys begin making it sacrifices and treating it as their leader, the boys' behavior is what brings the beast into reality, so the more savage the boys become, the more real the beast seems to be. After Simon discovers, the severed pig’s head, Lord of the Flies, Simon believes that it is talking to him and telling him about how evil lies within every human heart. In “On Symbolic Significance of Characters in Lord of the Flies’’, Mr. Li compares Simon with Jesus Christ,” With the knowledge of human evil, Simon seems to have consigned himself to the fate as Christ has done” 4. The evil inside the boys manages to escape, and rules are broken without punishment to
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