Savages Influence On Native American History

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Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, many cultural groups flourished but among the most popular were the French Jesuits, French traders, and the Native American tribe know as the Savages. They all started off doing their own thing on their own land but when curiosity arose and it was time to move, bumping into other groups was inevitable. There were both friendly and hostile relationships between these groups. It was all based on the time, place, and how the groups met. Even groups of the same kind may have had a bad relationship, like two different native American tribes, same people but if they started off on the wrong foot then they might not get along for a variety of reasons.
One tribe known for being hostile towards other groups were the Savages. When reading about the Savages in the document
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Primary source documents are fantastic because the information there is directly from the piece of history being learned about. In order for a primary source to be considered a primary source it needs to be written by someone who had the experience first hand or a document of the actual event itself (like a photo). Films are also great ways to learn about history because of the visuals. Since history is in the past a lot of older history can only be learned about through primary documents of writing or old photographs. Watching a film helps put all the pieces together and will make some history easier to understand for some people. The only issue with historical films is the accuracy of the films. It is creating the visual in our heads of what history looked like and if its not accurate then its giving the wrong idea of what actually happened. Most films are fairly accurate and are based on primary sources and historical documents so that issue can be avoided. All in all both of those resources are a great way to learn about history and both options should be
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