Savanna Essay

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Savanna is characterized by rough grasses, it can also be considered as a rolling grassland with scattered tree growth normally where the margins of the tropics where the rainfall is seasonal which is eastern Africa. There are many kinds of savannas that are on either side of the equator. There are some savannas found in Australia and South America.

Climate and Location
Savanna’s climate is typically warm temperature all year round. As odd as it might sound Savanna has only two different seasons, winter and summer. During the winter it 's dry season in other words, it 's long and does not consume as much rain. In the dry season it 's colder but still contains that high temperature of 70 degrees or higher.
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While the savanna is consuming rain for hours it does not last for a long period of time. It typically lasts for about 6 to 8 months or so. Savannas are located all around the world on either side of the equator. Some places where they are located are in Africa, India, South America, and Australia. It is also known that the savannas can can be located and overlap with different…show more content…
Problems and Threats
One of problems and threats Savanna has are based on the way it has few trees and a much wide open space than other biomes do. The native animals that are already on this grassland provides an increase in the animal population. This decreases the amount of food available and can cause the animals that were at the savanna biome first to be forced to migrate to a different biome or to be left with no choice but to die from starvation or fighting for food from the other animals.
Another problem that Savanna faces is the competition between the trees and grass. If the trees that are located in the Savanna absorb more water than the grass then the number of trees there are will no longer need to have a competition with the grass. The number of trees will also increase dramatically because it will have enough water to grow. This is because the trees will have absorbs all the water it could soak up leaving the grass with no water to
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