Savanna Rainforest: Decrease In The Ecosystem

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If the amount of grass is reduced in the ecosystem, the entire food chain will be affected greatly. Due to a smaller food source, the primary consumers, the savanna hares, will also experience a decrease in population since the new amount of grass can not sustain the initial amount of savanna hares. Since the savanna hare population decreases, the food source for the secondary consumers, the caracals, will also experience a decrease in population. The caracals do feed off of other animals, but it is likely these animals are also affected by the decrease in grass. The total food supply for the caracals decreased, so the caracals will experience a decrease in population. Likewise, since the caracals decrease in population, the total food supply for the lions has decreased, meaning…show more content…
The number of savanna hares, the primary consumers, decreased, so there won’t be as many animals to control the amount of grass. This allows more grass to grow, eventually creating an overabundance. However, on the other hand, the caracals won’t have as much food supply, so they will have to experience a decline to adjust accordingly, though the caracals do have other animals they feed off of. These animals could experience an increase in population, if they feed off of grass, but this is not certain (if this were the case, the caracals might not experience a decrease in population). Likewise, the lions will have a decrease in food supply as well, since there are less caracals, so they too will decrease in population, though they also have other animals to feed off of. In this food chain, if the primary consumers, or the savanna hares, were decreased in population, the grass would experience growth, while the caracals and lions will decrease in

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