Save A Life Analysis

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How to Save A Life Mandy kalinowski grow up unwanted, raised by a mother who never intended on having kids. Mandy was determined to create a better life for her baby. But giving up a child is not that easy. Mandy faces many challenges along the way, she learns what it fells like to be loved, what it fells like to love, and most of all how to trust. Jill MacSweeney wanted more than anything to go back in time to before her dad was dead. She had isolated herself from her boyfriend, her friends and her mother. She believed that you can’t lose one family member and simply replace them with a new one. She was absolutely not supportive of her moms decision to adopt a baby from Mandy. Jill felt her world was crumbling around her, as she tried to embrace a new family member and get over the loss of an old one. After the death of her husband Robin MacSweeney decides to do something her and her deceased husband had always talked about, adopt a baby. While on the searching for the one, Robin and and Mandy cross paths. Mandy moves in with the Kalinowski’s and adapts to there life style. Everyone in the story…show more content…
Mandy wore colorful dresses with flower prints, and Jill wore all black. Mandy grow up in an unloving, unsafe environment, Jill grow up in a loving, forgiving, and trusting environment. Throughout the story Jill and Mandy learn to put aside their differences and they learn trust and except one another. Jill is trying to get over the loss of her father, and Mandy is trying to cope with being a new mother. Both soon both find trust in one anther. As Mandy finds her safe haven with in the home of Jill and Robin MacSweeney, And discovers that trust and love was what was missing from her life. Jill finds a new unexpected friend that sees the world differently than her, and soon Jill and Mandy become the friend and support each other needed. As Mandy’s new baby girl enters the family Robin finds the comfort she was looking
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