Short Story Save As Many As You Ruin

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Save as Many as You Ruin
We are all humans. We all have our own life, and we are all owners of our actions and decisions. We have responsibility in how these choices and actions will affect the future, and it is important how we choose to react if we make the wrong choices. The ability to move on and make use of our mistakes from the past and try turning it into something useful for the future, is key and can help you accept your mistakes instead of keep walking around in them.
This is what Simon Van Booy is expressing in his short story: “Save as many as you ruin”
Gerard is a man in the late thirties who thinks a lot about what he has done in the past, and doesn’t know if he made the right decisions. However, he knows that he ruines it for
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Gerrard is very thoughtful and mindful. He thinks a lot about the past and about the choices he has made. Primary it is all about his earlier relationship with Laurel, because he made the wrong choice. He chose the wrong path and ended up losing his love of his life. Suddenly he meets Laurel again after eight years, and he decides to talk to her and make up for what he did in the past.
The snow is mentioned many times in the text and is a symbol of making up for the past. On page 3 line 41 it says: “The snow is covering everything”. The snow is covering the past – deleting his footprints and creates room for new footprints. The title “Save as Many as You Ruin” also underlines this. By saving means that you need to turn your mistakes into something positive and useful for the future, so it equals and creates balance between right and wrong.
Just after, the text refers to “the invisible man”, a film from the 1930s. The movie is about a man that is caught because of his footprints. It is impossible not to leave footprints, when you are walking in the snow. This can be compared to “failing is human”. As a human you cannot live life without making mistakes, like you cannot walk in the snow without leaving footprints just like Gerrard
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