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Save the Bees! When most people think of bees, they think of noisy and annoying insects. People focus on the most “dangerous” part of the bee, which is it’s stinger. Many of us have had unfortunate encounters with bees. Maybe it was during the summer and we were at a picnic eating a watermelon. Its sweet juices running down our mouths. Maybe a bees decided it wanted to join in on the fun and a sting was the end result. Yes, bees can be dangerous to some of us who are allergic, but they have a huge impact on our everyday lives that most of us don’t even notice. Unfortunately, bees are in the decline. I propose that everyone should make an effort to save the bees because of their importance in agriculture, economics, and our everyday lives.…show more content…
Global warming is something that will take a long time to reverse if at all possible, but trying to slow down global warming can help keep the bee population from ding out. the reason global warming effects bees is because it causes some flowering plants to bloom earlier or later in the year than they usually do. This means the bees don’t get the nutrition they need at the correct time and they miss out on blooming seasons. another thing that effects bees are pesticides. Pesticide have become very common in ring for crops but they inadvertently kill of or at the very least repel bees. This again stops the bees from doing their job of pollinating and stops them from getting the food they need to survive. The community can help bees survive by employing a few tactics. One tactic alone will not cure the bee population degradation but it can help boost the bee population. One local and more personal tactic would be to have a “bee garden” that consists of flowering plants that bees like which include apples, oranges, lemons, limes, cucumbers, carrots, and cantaloupes. Another tactic would be do be more environmentally conscious. A more legislative route would be to help pass bills that limit the use of pesticides that kill or repel bees. This may worry some, but bees are crucial in crops growing because of their

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