The Importance Of Saving Endangered Species

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Within the next 50 years, according to the study of Nature, 25 percent of the land animals will become extinct. The leading cause of endangered species is habitat loss, which are caused by humans cutting down trees and using pesticides in the fields. Habitats are being destroyed due to humans using them for the use of agriculture and buildings. However, most humans do not know when they destroy habitats they are affected too, or the causes of endangerment and how they can help save endangered animals. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List consist of a total of nine categories for the threat level of species. According to Croteau and Cy, the status are determined by a decrease in population, area size, the total in population, and possibility of becoming extinct.…show more content…
Many humans go on with everyday lives, and do not think of what is happening to the habitats. Schools need to start teaching young children that humans are destroying habitats with animals that complete a food web. The food web is important for human needs in life. Taking one animal out of the web could result in having more of one animal and it effects all things in the web. Cutting trees down that make oxygen for humans to survive for free is an example of what is happening when humans . Protected areas are trying to raise endangered animals so they can reproduce. With habitats being destroyed, well known animals will become extinct in only a few years. Works Cited Bove, Jennifer. “Why It Matters When Species Go Extinct.” ThoughtCo. Croteau, Emily, and Cy L. Mott. Nature News, Nature Publishing Group. Evans, Michael. “Endangered Species.” Endangered Species | The Earth Times | Encyclopaedia. Kazmeyer, Milton. “How Do the Extinctions of Other Creatures Affect Humans Directly?”Sciencing, 21 June

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