Save Girl Child Essay

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Peddineni Parvathi
(Lecturer in English, Government College for Women, Guntur.)

Girl Child Abuse is a common phenomenon observed in India in different cultural milieu and socio-economic situations. There is no question of “Human Rights” in the case of Girl Child. A universal definition of child abuse in the Indian context does not exist and has yet to be defined. But it is related to the treatment the girl child repeatedly with cruelty and violence damaging the physical, emotional, economical, sexual and social state of the girl child who is below the age of eighteen. In India, as in many other countries, child abuse is a prevalent phenomenon in the name of “Child Protection” and the national study on
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According to the report published in 2005 on 'Trafficking in Women and Children in India', 44,476 children were reported missing in India, out of which 11,008 children continued to remain untraced. India is the major source and destination country for trafficked children from within India and adjoining countries. Ministry of Women and child development, Government of India, made a study on child abuse in 2007 and presented a report and its major findings are: It has very clearly emerged that across different kinds of abuse, it is young children, in the 5-12 year group, who are most at risk of abuse and exploitation.
1. Two out of every three children were physically abused.
2. Out of 69% children physically abused in 13 sample states, 54.68% were boys.
3. Over 50% children in all the 13 sample states were being subjected to one or the other form of
4. physical abuse.
5. Out of those children physically abused in family situations, 88.6% were physically abused

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