Save Higher Education: Toss The Cheaters Analysis

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Okay, lets think of something really crazy: the world eager to learn more. Some people in the world pursue a path to gain more knowledge and actually start to develop many more connections in their brain. For this, they attend college; the place that they will grow, get a degree, and be set apart from with their outstanding accomplishment after the four years they put in. Now lets assume that after those four years, everything you have accomplished means nothing because the university has lost all accreditation. This is the point that Professor Doom makes in his article “Save Higher Education: Toss the Cheaters”. Professor Doom is able to show how a students “no big deal” mindset behind cheating can lead to a detrimental effect of the school perceptions being changed and a hardworking student’s degree virtually meaning nothing but a sheet of paper. The trends of students participating in cheating is growing on college campuses and isn 't coming to a downward slope anytime soon. It is mentioned by Doom that…show more content…
The slackers that want to show up, cheat, and get a degree are pretty happy as a whole. however, there are those few students that i mentioned earlier in the scenario above that actually came to school to learn something. Those students are diligently trying and putting in effort. As the cheaters and active seeking students are put in the classroom, the cheater will probably do better in most incidences. That is an immediate effect the cheater has towards the student. However overtime like before, the school’s accreditation will be lost and the education will be meaningless coming from such university. So even though one student worked really hard to earn their grade, the cheater ruined it for both of them. This is completely unfair and shouldn 't be overlooked by the

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