Saving Private Ryan Character Analysis

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a. Saving Private Ryan is a movie about the horrors of World War II. The external conflict comes from the battlefield. Captain John Miller and his platoon have to fight against the Axis powers all while fighting for their own lives in the bloodiest conflict of the 20th century. The Avengers is a movie starring a group of superheros saving the planet from an apocalyptic like event at the hands of Loki the God of Mischief. The external conflict comes from the battle between good and evil to save the planet. The Avengers clash with Loki and his minions throughout the film to save humanity from the god who wants to rule the Earth. b. American Beauty is a movie with plenty of internal conflicts in it. Each character has their own internal conflict. Lester Burnham is your average suburban guy but is bored completely by his unexciting life causing him to act out towards everyone around him. Carolyn Burnham is Lester 's wife who is the breadwinner of the house, constantly stressed who ends up cheating on her husband after his unacceptable behaviors. Jane Burnham is their daughter in high-school who is morbidly insecure and depressed. She struggles with loving herself and opening up to those around her. Heathers is a movie starring Veronica, a girl who joins the most popular click in high-school strictly for the benefits of being popular. She struggles with peer pressure as she drops her childhood friend Betty White to hang out with the Heathers. Her morality is also questioned
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