Saving Private Ryan Historical Analysis

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History can be retold in many forms, including books, movies, and even just around the campfire. One big issue is in the accuracy of these recounts of historic events, especially in movies. Many movies, although based on historic events, are altered from the original event in an effort to make it more emotionally involving. This is mainly to sell tickets. An example of this can be seen in the movie Saving Private Ryan, in which some parts are accurate, but others are enhanced in order to create a more heartbreaking story. Saving Private Ryan is very historically inaccurate in the storytelling of the events depicted in the movie, but it is accurate in its depiction of the events of D-day in World War II.
First, Saving Private Ryan is centered around the
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Also, the premise of Saving Private Ryan is a group of soldiers looking for Ryan, but Fritz Niland required no search party. He originally fought through the first battle during D-day and survived only to be informed that his brother Bob Niland had been fatally shot off of a machine gun while providing cover fire for retreating soldiers. Another inaccuracy is the duration of events depicted in Saving Private Ryan. The movie painted an unfortunate fantasy of the battle lasting merely minutes, while the cold hard truth was hours upon hours of unbroken bullet spray and bloodshed. This change is necessary though because the short duration of the battle shown alone cost the filmers 12 million dollars of the 70 million dollar budget (“Saving Private Ryan- Eric and Anna - Historical Inaccuracies in Film.”). As one can see, extending the duration could easily skyrocket the price by a fortune. Even with its short duration, this war scene is agreed to be one of the best ever depicted in a historical film by many critics. Another inaccuracy is present when in the opening sequence, an
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