Saving Sourdi Character Analysis

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Emily and Nea: How to Get What you Want Everyone is different in a away. This statement also applies to characters in a story. The main character in “A Rose for Emily” is Emily Grierson. She is a “Small, fat women in black” who lives in the big house, only one left, in which used to be the most select neighborhood (Faulkner 78). Miss Emily’s father passed away and, her first sweetheart deserted her. Nea is the main character in “Saving Sourdi”. She is a bony, hard working, fourteen year old girl who loves her older sister, Sourdi, very much. Miss Emily and Nae share their stubbornness and determination while also showing their differences. Miss Emily and Nae’s differences in their settings and family helps in foreshadowing how the story unfolds. Once Miss Emily’s dad passes away and her sweetheart has left her, she spends most of her time in her house alone where she has always lived. Most of her belongings and ways of life were from her father because of his controlling figure. However, Nea has a Ma, an older sister, younger sisters, and an uncle. Their…show more content…
Miss Emily has had problems keeping a lover. Once she falls in love with Homer Barron, she finds out he does not marry anyone. The big revealing secret after Miss Emily passes is that she murdered Homer to keep control over him. She keeps him in a locked room upstairs, set up like a wedding, and sleeps by him. Nae’s determination is shown one night when her and Sourdi were working alone. She was watching the drunk men when “One of them staggered up and put his arm across Sourdi’s shoulders. He called her his “China doll,” and his friends hooted at this” (Chai 117). Nae stabbed the man with a knife, so he would leave Sourdi alone. When Nae was positive about her older sister being in danger, she and Duke drove six hours to Des Moines to check on her. She went without Ma’s permission to save
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