Saving The Branch Short Story

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Saving the Branch It was just like any other day at Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch. It was September 26, 2005. Michael Scott is the Regional Manager of the branch. Michael liked to start off his day with a quick conversation with all of his friends, but every time Michael talked, everyone cringed. As Michael was walking to his office, he stopped to talk to Jim Halpert. “Hey, Jim your quarterlies are looking really good,” Michael stated. “Thanks, Michael,” Jim responded. “Yep.” “So, why’d you come over here?” Jim asked. “Uh alright I will talk to you later,” replied Michael as he walked away. Michael then walked over to Stanley, and shouted, “Stanley the manly! What’s up?” “Leave me alone, Michael,” scolded Stanley as he tried to keep working. Michael then decided to chat with Phyllis. “Phyllis Vance, Vance Refrigeration, how’s work going?” Michael asked. “Good. Can you stop interrupting me?” Phyllis replied. Michael then walked over to see Pam, but he was cut off by Dwight K. Schrute. “Michael! As Assistant to the Regional Manager, I should be the one to tell you that Corporate called earlier and they’re shutting down the branch,” Dwight yelled. “Call them back and I’ll settle it,” replied Michael. Michael immediately ran to Pam for her to call David Wallace, who was the head of Corporate. Once Pam got ahold of David, Michael…show more content…
The bench was Phyllis, Kevin, and Oscar. Michael and his team began intense training with some of the greatest Dunder Mifflin basketball players ever, Darryl and Roy. Michael knew that the training would be rough, but they needed it. They had shoulders and abs, biceps and triceps, quads and hips, and chest and back all in the same day. They did this routine every day while also putting up 500 shots a day. After weeks of this training, the game day was coming closer, and they still didn’t look like a

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