The Importance Of Say Yes To Feminism

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Say Yes to Feminism!
Feminism is group of people who follows the principle of complete equity between men and women. Feminists help women become independent and strong. They also support women’s right in society when some injustice happens to them, for instance, rape. They educate women to speak out loud whatever they want to say instead of hiding in the shades. It is still being discussed whether feminism should be supported. Feminism has proved to help women in society in a lot of ways despite some people claiming it to be destructive.
To begin with, one reason for allowing feminism is for women who are suffering. Marriage is a sacred relationship, a life every individual women looks forward to but not everyone gets what they want or what
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Education is a very important aspect of life. Education is not only related to career but also the overall well-being. According to studies, women can benefit from it as much as men. They can benefit from it in numerous ways. They can benefit from several parts, for instance, as an individual women, education result in increased level of self-respect and self-confidence. In addition, it enables them to discover new things about themselves, such as their potential. Women are considered as the homemaker and caretaker of babies in the society (Demiray, 2014). Thus, feminism portrays the importance of education to women as well as benefits of it, also helping them change the perspectives of the society. The late Brigham Young once said, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” This means that men are usually busy with work and it is the women who interact and educate the children the most; so when women are educated they can pass on their knowledge to their…show more content…
They consider feminism as a poisonous disease that is difficult to get rid of. Commander (1907) claims that, “the rise in childlessness in the early 20th century was often discussed as a negative effect of feminism, where women were being ‘deprived of motherhood’ ” (as cited in Moore & Geist-Martin, 2013, p. 240). This goes to say that due to the strong beliefs of feminism, women have started to develop negative feelings towards marriage. This results in a minimized number of women getting married, and ending up with no child of their own. It can also mean that due to the strong beliefs of feminism, it causes woman to lose their femininity and become masculine. They literally start thinking like a man and also sometimes behave like them

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