Saying Goodbye To CSI Analysis

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As stated in the TV Guide article Saying Goodbye to CSI, a Show That Changed TV, by Adam Bryant, “After 15 seasons, 337 episodes, three spin-offs and a handful of cast changes through the years…It's difficult to understate the influence of the show, which has grown to become the largest TV franchise in the world.” Even the three spin-off shows, have had phenomenal success rates. With the original and the spinoffs, “CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY and CSI: Cyber, (the franchise) has so far generated 800 episodes”, that have reached tens of millions of people around the world. With such a large influence over such a time period, it is not surprising that the show has majorly impacted television audiences. How did the television program of CSI become such a success? I believe it is because the audience liked to believe…show more content…
George Gerbner, a Professor of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, wrote in his journal article Cultural Indicators: The Case of Violence in Television Drama, about trends between violence in television drama and how they are related to the public’s perception of crime and their likelihood of victimization. In the journal article Crime Cultivation: Comparisons across Media Genres and Channels, several media analysts tested the idea that “TV genres (crime drama, reality cop shows, news) and channels (TV and newspapers) vary in their potential to cultivate perceptions, fears, and behavior related to exposure and attention to crime content.” It gave me valuable insights and evidence to support the connection between the media realm and how it distorts the perception of the real world. This gave me a logical foundation for forming my own opinions on the

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