Saying Goodbye To Yang Analysis

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In the story "Saying Goodbye to Yang," written by Alexander Weinstein, and the story "St. Lucy 's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves," written by Karen Russell, there are several ways these stories could be seen as humorous or funny/not funny. Each story that we have read is unique in that they each had some sense of humor about them, whether it be witty humor, dry humor, or maybe even the funny/not funny kind of humor. Different types of humor can be interpreted from each of the stories we have read this semester. Yes, these stories can be seen as a joke but there are serious ideas about them. Each story undoubtedly has important concepts intertwined into them. When one looks beyond the surface of the stories, he or she might notice that these stories could address things such as fitting in to society, living up to false expectations, and even family values. When it comes to fitting in to society, people often go to great lengths so that they might fit in with the people around them. In the case of the story "St. Lucy 's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves," we see the parents ' desire for the girls to fit in to their society. We see this when the girls go off to what some might call an 'obedience school. ' This is the parents ' idea of what is best for them. The story states: "Our parents wanted something better for us; they wanted us to get braces, use towels, be fully bilingual. When the nuns showed up our parents couldn 't refuse their offer. The nuns they said, would make
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