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The S-Lift has the advantages of quick recovery and short incisions; however, it is only a good choice for those with mild looseness along the jawline. Unlike other types of facelifts, the short scar lift incision does not extend behind the ear however Dr. Killingsworth can still re-suspend the tissues that support your smile lines and jowls and tighten a moderate amount of your loose skin. Another example of a short scar lift is the minimal access cranial suspension lift (MACS) and the Quick Lift. The MACS lift and Quick Lift are modifications of the S-Lift technique and they involve more risk, recovery, and invasiveness than the S-Lift but less than a traditional facelift. These techniques are a good choice for mild-to-moderate changes of…show more content…
It is important to know that a facelift will not change the look of your face or its features but instead it will diminish the effects of the passing years meaning that you will still be you: just more refreshed and younger-looking. While injectable fillers can help to reverse the early signs of facial aging, for more advanced signs and for longer lasting results, a facelift is the better choice. It is also important to understand that a facelift will only treat the lower portion of the face and neck and to change upper areas such as the eyes or forehead, additional facial cosmetic surgery procedures may be necessary and can be combined with your facelift. Just a few years ago, most facelift procedures were basically the same but today with the many different variations, Dr. Killingsworth will customize your surgery to meet your individual lifestyle. Today, more and more women and men are choosing to have facelift surgery because they want their appearance to reflect their vitality and positive outlook for living a longer life. If you feel a facelift might be right for you, please call Atlanta Aesthetics and let us schedule your consultation and we thank you in advance for choosing us to help you achieve all of your cosmetic

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