Scaramouche Movie Analysis

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Introduction -The Art of Laughter

“ He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.” (Rafael Sabatini)

Rafael Sabatini, writer of Scaramouche which tells a story of a young lawyers during the French Revolution dealing with topics such as inequality and each individual’s role in the society which is something that is still prevalent today. Like the quote, everyone is born knowing how to smile and laugh. It is a gift given to everyone, the day they were born. It is ironic and even sadistic to mention that humans are born to die. It’s just a matter of time. You born alone and you die alone. Life itself is lonely and depressing even without the circumstances. The world is a harsh and
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( Watsons. P125) It’s a film that celebrates those who are willingly to work (even as a housewife) and get on with it despite the description of it that they find for themselves. There is two plot lines in this film. First, it is a story of Hortense (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), a black woman after her adoptive mother’s death, decided to search for her biological mother, Cynthia Purely (Brenda Blethyn) who is white. Second, Maurice Purley (Timothy Spall) and Monica Purley (Phyllis Logan) wanting to re-establish their contact with Roxanne Purley ( Claire Rushbrook), their…show more content…
They have two unattractive, losers of a children Rachel ( Alison Garland) a cleaner at an old folk’s home and Rory ( James Cordon) a big bully and thinks he is the king. How, due to a tragic event, the relationship of these family members improve.

All or Nothing is an acute observation of how life really the way the audience understand or give a good insight for those who doesn’t. It is important to attempt to position the audience inside the lives of the characters and not outside or above them. Thus, it allows an effort to eliminate any sympathy or pity to the representation of these social class. But rather, to give a sense of familiarity, a sense of recognition that the audience, themselves encounter on daily occasions. For example, in the scene in the hospital, after Phil went through his life crisis told through only by his eyes, comes enters the ward to where Rory is lying. Phil said to Rory “ the four of us go will go away (beat) to Disney World. ” Then he smiles pathetically. The way Phil’s question certainly could count as morbid as the underlying subtext of the question. To “go away” is dying and “Disney World” is Heaven. It shows how lowly and lonely, he felt after the conversation on the car driving the French lady and after that the long drive
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