Scarcity In Developing Countries

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Food shortage is a problem now the whole world has been facing. Developing economies like Maldives face more problems of food shortage than the developed economies or nations. To solve this problem, we have to think about the scarcity, over population, population explosion, why population explore in developing countries and also the resources development in developing countries.
All economic questions and problems arise from scarcity. So, first of all we need to know what scarcity means. Scarcity means that our wants exceed the resources available to satisfy them. Scarcity also called paucity is the important economic problem of having seemingly unlimited human wants in a world of limited resources. It also can be said that the society
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None of these wants is satisfied for everyone, and everyone has some unsatisfied wants. While many Australians have all the material comfort they want, others do not. No one feels entirely satisfied with her or his state of health and life expectation. No one feels entirely secure, and no one has enough time for all the sport, travel, holidays, movies, theatre, reading, and other leisure activities they would like pursue.
Moreover, scarcity is a common phenomenon to all countries whether the country is rich or poor. All the resources that we have are scarce and it allows us to make choice and better allocation of resources. A shortage occurs each and every time the quantity demanded is more than the quantity supplied at the market price. So, more people are able to buy the good at the current market price than what
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In addition, industrialization will be high and more people will be engaged in secondary and manufacturing sector and the service sector. In addition, the aging population is more because of the advanced medical facilities. Their population growth is low. Moreover, they have more advanced technologies and their life expectancy is high. Developed countries have more capital and investment. Furthermore, these nations will have higher GDP, leading high per capita income. On the other hand, the growth of the population is high and the standard of living is low in the developing nations. Most of the people will be engaged in primary sector like farming and forestry. In addition, the capital will be less and the technology will be low. Also, because of the less production GDP will be low and the capita per income is less. Moreover, due to lack of proper health facilities the ageing population is less in the developing nations. Due to these reasons the developing nations face more problems of food shortage problems compared to developed nations.
Over population is one of the major reason of food shortage problem of our nation. Food scarcity is the biggest concern of Maldives, because of the availability, affordability and the accessibility of food. In Maldives the production of food is very low. As a result, have to import most of the food items from other countries. This will effect the price and also make harder to get

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