Scarcity In The Central African Republic

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Scarcity is a major problem in the Central African Republic. Many of their resources are inadequate for the majority of the population. One of the worst scarcity issues in the Central African Republic is of the basic needs. Clean water is also very scarce. Nutritious food is also difficult to get in the Central African Republic.
1. The people of Central African Republic are facing an extreme water crisis. Not only this, but the lack of basic infrastructure and political instability contributes to being an LEDC country. There is a lack of time, money, people and skills to find or filter clean water. Water is essential for anyone in Africa for cooking maize with the water, staying hygienic by showering with clean water but most importantly, for
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The Central African Republic has the second lowest level of human development in the world. Out of the 4.9 million people that live in CAR, 2.5 million are food insecure. No human on earth can survive without food and residents of CAR are struggling to feed their families a healthy meal. When food is available, the prices skyrocket so much that almost nobody can afford to feed their families. Subsistence farming is used in the Central African Republic to make ends meet. However, this becomes very difficult because of the extreme dry weathers where an excess of sun kills a majority of the crops and results in corn that that is not sufficient for the people in CAR. Some instances in CAR even went to an extent that families had been forced to sell their possessions and pull children out of school and resort to begging in order to gain an income to feed the families of CAR. To worsen the problem, the conflict between Christians and the Muslim minority forced 600000 people to move to other parts of the country. The production of crops is now 54% lower than pre-crisis levels. consequently results in severe food…show more content…
With no freshwater lakes or rivers running through CAR, the nearest available source of water that is plentiful in the ocean. Humans cannot drink saline water but can convert it to fresh water by the process of desalination. It’s used all over the world and especially in developing counties and even works in deserts! I believe this is the ideal solution for the water crisis as it is small in size and can be done anywhere. With the help of non-profit organisations like World Vision and Unicef, these portable machines can be delivered to all countries that are in need of desperate

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