Scarlet Fever In The 1900s

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How did Scarlet Fever affect US in 1900s

Scarlet Fever affected the U.S in the 1900s and was caused by a bacteria that spread to form rashes that affected children and sometimes ending in death. The treatment was really dangerous. They didn’t have the treatments we do today, that 's why a lot of people were killed. Scarlet fever is one the most dangerous infections of the 1900s.

To began with, “Scarlet Fever is also called Scarlatina and it is an infectious disease. Scarlet Fever mostly affects children. It was dangerous for families with kids because it was contagious for one or two weeks.” In the article Scarlet Fever-Past and Present (PP) said, “Simply hearing the name of this disease, and knowing that it was present in the communities,

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