Scarlet Ibis Compare And Contrast Essay

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Out of all of the seven deadly sins, pride is one of the deadliest. It is a strange sin because sometimes it can be used for good, and others times it is used for evil. We are supposed to take pride in the way we look and act. Pride can take over someone fast. It is nice to be proud of the people one cares about but if one pushes him/her too far, pride could destroy the relationship between them. The story, “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst, shows how one brother’s pride can destroy the relationship between the two brothers. The narrator of the story has a crippled brother named Doodle. Doodle cannot walk properly and is weak because he was born as a caul baby. His body is a reddish hue and shriveled like an old man. He cannot do many things but he loves his brother with all his heart. However, the narrator hated his own brother and plotted to kill him several times. Just because someone is not physically able to do something does not give them a good reason to kill them. The story teaches the reader to love people for who they are, not what they look like. This can relate to pride because when people are full of themselves, they tend to only care about…show more content…
When someone is full of pride, they cannot love others for who they are and tend to make bad decisions. The narrator only cared about himself and wanted to kill Doodle for his own personal gain. His pride took him over and led him into making the wrong choice. Then after the pride came the guilt that followed. It can be inferred that he will never be able to forgive himself after what he did. This story shows an important life lesson. We can learn from his experience because it teaches us to love others for who they are, not what they can not do. When we care for others despite how they look, we can achieve a better life full of less pride and learn to think about others before we think about
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