Scarlet Ibis Internal Conflict Analysis

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The Dangers of Pride In the short story, “Scarlet Ibis,” by James Hurst the author uses internal conflict to convey that pride may lead oneself to harm others. Doodle and his brother were running from a storm after going on their boat, the narrator thought, “The lightning was near… I heard doodle who had fallen behind, cry out, ‘brother don’t leave me.’” (Hurst 15)This quote shows how the boys pride harmed doodle, he left doodle, because he thought that he would survive. The words, “fallen behind and cry out,” relates to the theme, that pride may harm others, because doodle had fallen behind, and his brother did not help him, to protect his pride. Doodle was improving so fast that his brother overestimates him, and thinks of him like he has
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