Scarlet Ibis Thesis

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Why are disabled kids thought of as less then everyone else? In "The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst, Narrator sees his brother Doodle for the first time and notices that he isn't all that normal. Narrators parents believe that Doodle will die so they named him William Armstorng, which made him sound important. Narrator wants a brother, he wants someone to play with but his mom keeps telling him that Doodle can't do much because of the way he is. One day Doodle smiles at Narrator and that was the small act that made Narrator believe that Doodle was actually all there. Narrator is innocent of Doodles death, he was just trying to be a loving big brother and was trying to give Doodle all the experiences a kid should have. So far in the story, Narrator sees Doodle and notices that he is unique to the whole family. Narrator can tell that his parents think Doodle is going to die because they give him a big important name (William Armstrong). Narrator starts believing that his brother Doodle will die because that name only sounds good in a tombstone. "I thought myself pretty smart at many things,like…show more content…
Narrator and Doodle tell each other crazy stories. Doodle had the craziest stories,he would have people who flew and had wings. Doodle tells his favorite story about a boy named peter that has a ten-foot tail. "Doodle and I spent lots of time thinking about our future.We decided that when we were grown we'd live in old woman swamp"(599). Narrator and Doodle had planed their future together as brothers and wanted to live in old woman swamp. Narrator loves Doodle because he is planning a future with him. Narrator has always had good intentions toward his brother and he wants him to be in his future, that's why they think about their future together a lot. Narrator showed old woman swamp to Doodle as the only beauty he knew and now they are planning their future together, this shows the Narrator does care for
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