Scarlet Letter Argumentative Essay

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Enough evidence was given in the book that Hester deserves the punishment. To prove that she does, Hester was raised as a Puritan so she knew what would be the consequences she has committed adultery and is left with a baby alone to raise without a father role model. As well she is not suited to be a mother. She can’t keep Pearl. Hester knew everything would come down to this. She was born and raised just like most Puritans, she knows what is against her religion. She knows very well what she would get herself into committing certain sins. She has gone against people of her kind. “This woman has brought shame upon us all, and ought to die; is there not law for it? Truly there is, both in the Scripture and the statue book,” (Hawthorne 45). Committing adultery is a big crime, she known as a criminal to others. This obviously her true intentions. The sins she has committed shows what kind of person she is. Hester has proven to the judge that she’s not suited to be a mother. Pearl should be taken away from Hester. Hester has put herself and the baby through so much, the baby shouldn’t suffer along with the mother. “Do well discharge our consciences by trusting an immortal soul, such as there is in yonder child, to the guidance of one who hath stumbled and fallen amid the pitfalls of this world. Speak thou, the child’s own mother,” (Hawthorne…show more content…
Despite the fact that Hester isn’t good mother, Pearl has a father out there that she doesn’t know. It seems like she won’t ever since Hester is keeping him a secret. “Would it be beyond a philosopher’s research, think ye, gentlemen, to analyze that child’s nature, and, from it make a mold, to give a shrewd guess at the father?”, “Better to fast and pray upon it; and still better, it may be, to leave the mystery as we find it, unless Providence reveal it of its own accord.” (Hawthorne 102) Without a father as well she doesn’t seem to have a good
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