Antisocial Personality Disorder In The Scarlet Letter

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Scarlet Letter Analysis Essay There are many individuals in the world that have some type of personality disorder and it can be seen and portrayed in multiple different ways. The ten different types of disorders can majorly affect not only the person who has it, but the people around them too. Disorders can be noticed in movies, real life, and even novels. A specific novel that contains examples of many different types of disorders that can be pointed out is the Scarlet Letter. One very interesting disorder that is noticed in the novel is Antisocial Personality Disorder; commonly known as psychopathy or sociopathy, and should not be mistaken for somebody who is just introverted (“Causes of Antisocial Personality Disorder.”). This mental illness is much more than not wanting to talk to people or being scared to do so. In the Scarlet Letter, the product…show more content…
When he was a young boy he would draw violent pictures and have homicidal thoughts that were extremely disturbing (Ridley). These thoughts obviously didn't stop as he ended up committing murder. According to Mirror, Bennett talked to a friend for six minutes before even thinking about calling the police (Robson). This shows that he didn’t feel bad for the pain he was going to cause his mother or the harm he did to his sibling. When he decided not to kill his mother, many thought it was because he might have realized it was a mistake. This couldn’t have been more incorrect. In fact, his lack of remorse showed showed even more when he said the only reason he didn’t kill her was because he knew that if he had killed her, she would only be in pain for 10 minutes at the most (Clarendon). He knew that if he didn’t kill her she would live a life in pain with the grief of her young daughter. This inability to care for his family members and wanting to make them hurt shows that he has Antisocial Personality
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