Scarlet Letter Character Analysis

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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a universal classic and one of the master pieces in American literature. It is an exploration of humans unending sin, guilt and pride. The story revolves around the single woman Hester Prynne and her hardship in New England colony. Hester stays brave and strong under puritan’s harsh treatment and criticism. She is different from other women who are submissive to the puritan laws executed by men. Hence, Hawthorne regarded Hester a strong female protagonist that was a way ahead of its time. Hester stands out as one of the strongest female character in the literature. Moreover, Hawthorne creates an image that men are selfish, revengeful and lacks courage to stand for their own sin pointing to Dimmesdale and Chillingworth. On the contrary, Hester’s character portrays individualism, rebellious and brave although she had to go through hard times. Later we have found that even society has admiration towards Hester. Additionally, Hester’s courage can be seen when she was brought to Scaffold to condemn her punishment for adultery where she was asked to confess the name of her lover. She does not confess even when she was being mocked and made to wear the Scarlet letter “A” which marks of an adulterous. She stands boldly, though she felt devastating inside. In fact, she proves herself more courageous than her lover Dimesdale, who lacks courage to admit his sin. Hester’s strength increases with the time but Dimesdale was seen
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