Scarlet Letter Compared To Today

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Have you ever thought, what would it be like to be on your own with a child and being shamed? Well, through the story The Scarlet Letter is a woman, named Hester who had went through that situation. It tells the story of how she had dealt with all of the situations that got thrown her way. The puritans point of view compared to today 's point of view of the the same situation. During the mid 17th century, it was not acceptable to have sex unless you were married, so having a child and not being married was extremely unacceptable to the puritans; whenever Hester stepped out of the prison and walked to the scaffold, were a majority of the town was to see her and criticize the book states that one of the women there to judge her had said “ If the hussy stood up for judgement before us five, that are now here in a knot together, would she come off with such a sentence as…show more content…
Dimmesdale, knowing that he is the father of Pearl, keeps it a secret for a very long time. Dimmesdale had burned an “A” on his chest. In the book he states “At last… I stand upon where, seven years since, I should have stood; here, with this woman, whose arm… sustains me, at this dreadful moment, from grovelling down upon my face! Lo, the scarlet letter which Hester wears! … it hath cast a lurid gleam of awe and horrible repugnance round about her. But there stood one in the midst of you, at whose brand of sin and infamy ye have not shuddered!”(Hawthorne). In the modern time if you are the baby daddy, everyone knows; there isn 't any shame to be the baby daddy. However, after he had confessed that he was the father, the town 's people thought he had gone crazy.

To conclude, society is more accepting of: adultery, having a child, and being unmarried. It is not nearly as big as a deal compared to whenever the The Scarlet Letter takes place. Dimmesdale could be known as a hypocritical character because he talks of being married and having children, when he committed adultery, and kept it a
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