Scarlet Letter Dialectical Journal Analysis

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Passage 1- Pages 84-85 My first passage is on the occasion of Missus Lu slicing her cheek. Missus Lu is acting hysterical, making rash decisions to regain things she has lost since she has moved to Bell Creek. She believes that since moving to Bell Creek, she has been robbed of her beauty. Missus seems to be repeating the point of her enticing beauty. “I used to be great beauty, you know.” (Conklin 84). And then again, “My face was a beauty, wasn’t it? I was a great beauty.” (84). The author wants to showcase Missus’ delusion, to show how her mind has been racing with these thoughts and finally she has let them get the best of her. Missus is in a state of multiple emotions; promising to give her alluring attraction to Josephine,…show more content…
It starts off with anger, Missus is feeling as though all she has done for Josephine has gone to waste. The author explains that Missus took time to teach Josephine the alphabet so that she could learn about God and the bible. Up to now, Josephine has been by Missus’ side, but this event marks the point where Josephine finalizes the fact that this can’t be the life she wants to lead. Missus is acting hysterical again; not in the right mind. “They staggered from the studio, Missus leaning heavily on Josephine’s shoulder, her feet dragging behind.” (Conklin 188). Josephine lies, possibly to reassure Missus or to avoid the consequences that she as a slave may receive talking back to their masters. Conklin has created an air of frustration and hurt feelings in this scene as Missus confesses that she knows about Josephine’s thoughts of escaping, which seem to push Josephine further and further away from her. “A pure rage gripped Josephine,” and “darkness spilled forth into the room.” (189) With this you can see the author is really putting emphasis on these thoughts Josephine is having. It seems so out of character for Josephine its as if the darkness really has filled her. And possibly the author left out an important part in the story to trigger to Josephine to do so, this may be revenge for all the abuse she has received over the years. Conklin has you dangling off of ledge to see what…show more content…
Conklin has shown that a connection between Caleb and Josephine formed quickly, mostly on Caleb’s side. Josephine was still hostile, as she didn’t know what was going on, and what they wanted from her. Caleb took a liking to her over the other boy who came with her, Bo. This portion of the book had no narrative other than Caleb explaining the events the way he has perceived them, perhaps so the reader could put themselves in Josephine’s place. “The light struck that eye and the contours of her face and I could see her studying me, examining.” (Conklin 330) The quote gives the reader a good enough idea of Josephine, though it seemed so out of character for her to act so untrusting. One could say that Josephine has held her true opinions and personality in to fit her masters cookie cutter view of what their slave needs to be; how they act, how they carry themselves and how they handle
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