Scarlet Letter Hester's Challenge

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Hester’s Challenge In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, Hester is a very strong and independent woman. She goes through all the judgement from the townspeople alone without anyone but Pearl by her side. Hester’s life becomes very tough after the scandal. Reverend Dimmesdale, the father of Pearl, does not assist Hester in the raising of Pearl; he only watches them from the outside. Although Hester’s rights are taken away and she is ostracized from the moment Pearl enters her life, Pearl is also Hester’s greatest treasure. Later on in life, Hester’s treasure is almost taken away from her because the political leaders do not want Hester to raise Pearl. By definition, this book is very anti-feminist because a woman’s rights are taken away, Hester…show more content…
When Hester has to wear the “scarlet letter,” she thinks that her whole punishment is fulfilled. Later, the political figures try taking Pearl away from her. One of these men is Chillingworth. Chillingworth wants revenge and does not care about who gets hurt in the process. Along with Chillingworth, the Puritan society wants to take Pearl away from Hester. They do not necessarily care about Pearl’s wellbeing; they just do not want Hester to take care of her. The magistrate tells Hester this when she is at the Governor’s house to see if she may keep Pearl. “’Woman [Pearl], it is thy badge of shame!’ replied the magistrate. ‘It is because of the stain which the letter indicates, that we would transfer thy child to other hands.’” (Hawthorne, 101) This action towards Hester is cruel. Hester is the mother of that child and she loves and cares for Pearl like any other mother would. It seems to Hester like the government and political representatives are against her as…show more content…
Hester is a strong woman, but she is no match for the political monsters who take advantage of her gender and made her live in shame for an act that was out of love, not hate. Though they tried to take her child away, Hester persevered. The men do not listen to the woman’s pleas for her one and only treasure in her life, her daughter, Pearl. Instead, they listen to Dimmesdale and his suggestion to let Hester keep her own daughter. These men have no sympathy, and only by the suggestion of the Reverend, do they let the mother keep her child. This book is full of anti-feminism, but Hester remains strong and keeps fighting against all odds. Her actions are an example to all women who are experiencing sexism. They serve as a reminder of the progress women have made for equality and serve as a way to prepare women for the long road
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