Scarlet Pimmernel Critical Lens

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‘’It’s not often you get female characters who don’t fit in a box’’, complained actress Rebecca Hall. Females are considered to be extremely emotional and one dimensional characters in classic literature. They point to classic pieces such as Pride and Prejudice’s character Elizabeth and The Scarlet Pimpernel characters. Though female characters can bring humor, conflict, or romance even though they are critiqued otherwise. In The Scarlet Pimpernel, the Comtesse brings happiness and a loving tone to the story while Marguerite brings the conflict and the troubling romance.
The Comtesse de Tournay is a caring woman who is a well loved and interesting character. Immediately after being saved from France, she worried about her husband. She wanted
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Just is a cruel woman which makes her an intriguing character. When she talks to her husband, she shows no respect for him. Whenever her and her husband were out in public, she would be extremely disrespectful, and she taunted him in front of their friends. She mentioned him as an idiot, and she said he was stupid. She never acknowledged his feelings when she spoke to him, but he would just ignore it.This amount of cruelty allows the reader to believe that she isn’t happy in her marriage with Sir Percy Blakeney. This sort of inconsiderate attitude from Marguerite should not be tolerated by Sir Percy Blakeney. Other people may believe that Marguerite is truly a genuine and kind hearted person. After all, she bought a man of a lower social class, a meal and cared a lot about her relationship with her brother; however, people that believe this are gullible and confusing. Marguerite is helping to uncover the Scarlet Pimpernel even though they are helping save her kind of people (27).So this shows that she is a traitor, and she is obviously a very two-faced person when it comes to different situations she is in. So, Marguerite is not capable of being kind hearted no matter what anyone argues. Marguerite throughout multiple chapters of Scarlet Pimpernel demonstrates how she is extremely cruel to many people in almost every situation she
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