Scars By Cheryl Rainfield: A Literary Analysis

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1 in 5 girls are sexually abused or assaulted every year, and 1 in 5 women/teens self harm. 50% of self harmers self harm due to sexual abuse and trauma. In the two books Scars and Cut, they are similar and different at the same time. I personally think Scars is better because it is more exciting, and it gives more information about why she self harms.

The book, Scars, by Cheryl Rainfield, is a very inspiring and heart touching story about a girl Named Kendra who was beginning to get flashbacks of childhood sexual abuse. She tried very hard to fight these flashbacks. It was difficult to sleep at night, and she was uncomfortable every time she stepped foot out of the door. She started receiving “messages” from who was believed to be her abuser.
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Callie never cuts too deep, unlike Kendra. She self harms because of guilt and Kendra self harms because of abuse. Callies brother had a near-death asthma attack under her supervision. She felt as if it was her fault. She was sent to a facility, whereas Kendra just went to talk to her counselor. Callies father usually wasn't around, when Kendras father was a huge part of her life. Callie had a brother, but Kendra was an only child. Callie never had to go to school, due to staying at the facility, but Kendra went to school. Those are some of the many differences between Cut and Scars.

There are some similarities between Scars and Cut too! Kendra and Callie both self harm, and they both do it due to trauma. Also, Kendra runs away at the beginning of the book, just like Callie does towards the end. Kendra tried to push out memories of the abuse, as well as Callie tries to push out memories of her brother's near death experience. Kendra and Callie both receive help for their problems, where they learn more about themselves.

There are also some more similarities between Cut and Scars. In Cut, Callie makes new friends, while blocking her family out for a while, just like Kendra ¨removed¨ her family from the situation, and looked for support from her friends. Callie and Kendra both feel like what happened to them was their fault. They both feel
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