Scary Maze Victims

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Similar meaning of prank is "jokes". In recent year, when there is no innovation of TV entertainment and paper-entertainment, people yearn for a fresh and exciting entertainment. Prank can be used within text, picture and animation. Those strategies of prank have alternated people's usual understanding towards this matter of humor. Many people go out of their way to earning laughter from their audiences. The author analysis the topic of YouTube across culture through the usage of methodology, example comparison, and real life examples to display the knowledge of social media victimization to the readers.

Data giving from "Scary Maze Victims: Comparison of U.S and German Online Pranking Videos". The result showed the percentage victim gender
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Children do not have much internet access capability. So there won't be a lot of children watching this video. And adults will not care about these boring things. They will not pay attention to fresh videos. The latest video is more attractive for growing teenagers. It is easy to excite teenagers spirit of inquiry. "Online pranking video" data is more details. More data is persuasiveness. Not many people will know what will happen later during the prank vs. prank video. The distinct between German and American education, Germany having the higher percentage of positive anticipation. American people are highly interested in prank war. Germany is having fewer comments while watching this show. After watching this video, each person shows different feeling. Some people think this video is laughable, some people are anger after watching this. Every person shows different emotions. Also, we can see from this data that U.S people is shooting longer video by using smartphones. "While some videos were low-quality productions shot with a mobile phone, others were highly produced amateur productions. Table 2 shows a statistically significant…show more content…
These real life examples can not be convincing the readers. "We learn about ourselves and our victims through our engagement in carefully-constructed pranks. But in other cases, pranks may be an opportunity to take pleasure in creating another's misfortune." (Hobbs & Grafe, 2015) The internet has brought us misfortune, but bring us more amusement. Shot sometimes is alluding to our life. Prank reflects our life good or bad. In a country without the internet, everything they listened is one-sided, everyone decodes differently. The internet has taken the place of our life and make qualitative changes. Allow everyone to make the comments. Positive affect for people because they think the prank is meaningful. Makes people relaxed and happy. There is some negative effect that video will mislead the children; people will use tricks to fool the people around you. Pranks will give you a mental and physical effects when you played overly. It's okay to play tricks but don't go too far and hurts others
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