Personal Narrative Essay: Good Morning Singapore !

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Daniel Berdichevsky and Burch Wang screamed out loud in an oddly incongruent unison “Good Morning Singapore!”, and so it began. The opening ceremony was underway; welcoming me into what would be my best four days in recent memory. Alpaca plushies were soon flying around in every possible direction towards the audience, teenagers and little kids tackling one another to grab hold of the most attractive alpaca, in fact, any common man would suffer to tell that this was the gathering of some of the smartest young minds across the globe; it looked too zany for that. Then again, the World Scholars Cup was famous for being anything but conventional. Burch was always a man of the moment, and so he was again, when he entered the stage performing a musical number much to the unbridled enthusiasm of the audience. Zach and Daniel dived into a large pool of alpacas on the same…show more content…
Sentosa Island served host to the venture. The groups went there by bus and soon jumping off, each group dispersed to finish off their lists. Sentosa was a beach paradise and that was just secondary to the fun we were having as a team; that’s the kind of day we had. When it came to checking off items like tallest person in the group or person with the longest fingers, Jo bagged the prize! And like any other person, it felt nice to be able to be the friend pointing it out. Jess as our group leader tugged us all the way and we followed her around like little chicks, occasionally wandering off to give interviews, take photos and of course draw the ever so famous WSC battle cry “Pwaa!” in the air. A thousand path twists and turns later, we were at the beach where Adam and Gale performed a dead drop; done spending our time on the sand, we went to the nearest 7-11 to interview one of the staff members, because well, the list had to be at least partly
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