Scavengers Narrative

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Loki and I were sitting under a shady hundred-year-old oak tree in Central Park. The park boasts several lakes, theaters, ice rinks, fountains, tennis courts, baseball fields, many playgrounds and other facilities. It is also home to the Central Park Zoo and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kids were playing on the playgrounds while their parents watched. I loved it here, it was peaceful and possibly the only place that I could forget about bio-terrorism even if just for a day. The park was beautiful, leafs on the trees are changing colors in a multitude of reds, greens and oranges. Flowers were in bloom and the birds were singing. A plaid picnic blanket spread out with the two of us on it. Loki was wearing a blue muscle shirt with a black…show more content…
' ' Hey, hey don 't worry beautiful. He 's not coming back and even if he did, I 'd do anything to protect you ' ' He said smiling. ' ' I know, but he would just go after Chris. Wesker hated him the most out of all of us and he never told us why. During the mansion, he said that I was too smart for my own good ' ' I told him. ' ' Are you sure honey? ' ' He asked, eyes wide. ' ' Yeah for eleven years he 's always hated Chris so I 'm sure that he 'd go after him first, ' ' I told him. Loki nodded in agreement, as I stood. He stood. ' ' We should get going ' ' Loki said grabbing my hand. Unfortunately, for us the press was there and started to bombard us. ' ' Mandy what are you doing with Loki? ' ' Jessie Cross from the New York Times asked. ' ' Is there something going on between you two? ' ' Brock Dawson from the Wall Street Journal inquired. ' ' Are you a couple? ' ' Michael Moon from the New York Post wanted to know. Some of the magazine photographers were snapping pictures of us. ' ' Just what we needed. Let 's go Loki ' ' I said, pulling him away from the press. I ignored them as they asked more questions. Not what I needed, this was going in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post tomorrow. We left and went to a different part of the park. It was nice and secluded; maybe we could just
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