Scefing In Beowulf

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The poem Beowulf is an Epic Poem that shows defeat, courage, strength, honor, and much more. Beowulf was written at least two hundred years previous to AD 1000 and before that was most likely sang or talked about (Oral Tradition). There may have been excessive amounts of Beowulf, but due to viking raids they were most likely destroyed. The poem started out with talking about Scyld Scefing. The first fifty lines of the poem is all about Scyld Scefing and all of his greatest and extended accomplishments. Scyld Scefing was a founder and became the very first king in the Danish royal line. After the intro of Scyld Scefing, The main story of Beowulf begins in Denmark. King Hrothgar was having troubles and fears of a monster; Grendel. Monster Grendel…show more content…
He is Prince of the Geats, who are people inhabiting the southern part of Sweden. Beowulf and his men leave the southern part of Sweden to rid Denmark of the eerie monster. The mead hall is extremely important to Anglo-Saxons because of everything that goes on there. It is where the king and his men feast and dine, his male followers will slumber there, listen to stories and music, as long as oral traditions and business deals. The significance of the hall in the epic of Beowulf is how the beast had invaded the hall at night. That is where everything goes on. Beowulf and his men needed to protect the hall and King Hrothgar as well. Beowulf had pretended to be sleeping when the Grendel the monster came to attack. Grendel then knew what he was up against when he faced Beowulf. Beowulf and his men had injured Grendel very bad and Grendel went to walk back to where he lived. He soon died of open wounds and blood loss. At first, Hrothgar’s Queen, Wealhtheow had thanked Beowulf and had received gratitude. When Grendel’s mother had found out about his death, she was full of anger and vengeance (which was the way of Anglo-Saxons when a family member had been killed). Grendel’s mother had snuck in to Heorot and carried off a

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