Scenario Questions: Australia, A Socially Diverse Society

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Workplace Scenario Questions CHCDIV001_CHCDIV002 Topic 1 1. ‘Australia is a culturally diverse society’. Explain what this statement means. The statement that Australia is a culturally diverse society to me means that people from all different ethnicity, race, language, values, religions, customs, family structures, personal history 's, age, gender, past trauma, disability and sexuality live here in Australia. Australia has had a diverse cultural since before European explorers came here and defined this land as “Terra Nullius” - unoccupied land. However, the indigenous people have always had a rich variety of cultures, languages and customs. Regardless of the differences between people, Australia being a culturally diverse society holds the quality of accepting these diverse or different cultures, as opposed to mono-culture. Australian cultural diversity is also having different cultures respect each other 's differences in a way that makes living in mutually beneficial, socially and economically, to everyone. 2. Describe at least five (5) examples of diversity that may be apparent in the clients and colleagues that you work with. Examples of diversity that may be apparent in clients and colleagues that I may be working with are as follows. Language, people speak different languages and English isn 't always a first language. Communication, it is not always verbal but can also can be non-verbal where similar gestures can be taken very differently depending on the

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