Scene In Never Let Me Go

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This scene is taken from the 2010 film directed by Mark Romanek, Never Let Me Go, based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. My initial intuition about the scene is that life in this world is motivated by selfish and deceitful means. Why would humans be made less in order to save other humans? Why would this hierarchy even exist and who determines the ethics of constructing such hierarchies? The conversation in these scenes lead to to truth behind the belief that if a couple (a boy and a girl) from among Hailsham students are really in love, they can apply for a deferral (four to five years before they have to start their donations.) Tommy D and myself are trying to convince Madame that we are in love. We just drove to Madame’s house for the sole purpose mentioned above. We are confident that we will get what me what. Not really. Tommy D is a lot more confident than me. This scene is mainly taking place in the living room of Madame’s House during the day. I have never been here before. The space is small and minimalistic. There is a painting of Hailsham on the wall and other bits of art and sculpture lying around the house. The furniture seems a bit dated and dark. Everything seems dark except the walls which are white mostly. There is an accent wall that painted in a coffee colour behind a couch. The room is set up as though many meeting like this one has happened before. There is dust on the table which indicates that no one really uses this room. The space is filled with
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