Crime Investigation Skills

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Crime scene Investigator is person who should have various skills which are being required. Crime scene investigator as individual and a member to crime investigation team he should have various and n number of extra ordinary, superb qualities, skills and experience which are very much needed to be a crime scene investigator.

A crime scene investigator should have various skills, one of the very important skills is Active Listening i.e. Giving entire attention to what concerned person and people are saying, he has an ability to listen what other are saying it can give various clues to lead the case hence one must have the ability to listen to other and is one of the very good skills that is must and mandatory be in a crime scene investigator,
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Chemistry – As being a crime scene investigator one must have the knowledge and skills of chemistry at the scene of crime as knowledge of the chemical composition, structure, and properties of substances and of the various chemical process which do occur and later which transformation that they may undergo. This includes uses of chemicals and their interactions, certains signs which can be considered dangerous, their techniques of being produced, and the way of being disposed; it’s one of the outmost important skills a crime scene investigator must pose at the scene of
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