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1.5 Scheduling Scheduling operations can be considered into three categories. There are in high volume system, intermediate volume system, and low volume system. 1.5.1 Scheduling in High Volume System High volume system scheduling is a system that standardized the equipment and activities that provides high similarity and identical operations on customer or product. Normally, high volume system referred to flow system. Therefore, scheduling in high volume system is known as flow shop scheduling although it also can be used in medium volume system. During the system design, there are many loading and sequence decisions are determined. This is because this high volume system has a high repetitive nature. Line balancing, which concern about to…show more content…
It is a scheduling with many variations in requirements such as processing requirements, processing time, processing sequence and setups, and materials needed. There are two basic issues for scheduler who is using job shop processing. They always concern about how to distribute the workload among work centres and what job processing sequence that they need to use. Loading, a term refers to the assignment of jobs to processing centres, involve in assigning specific jobs to work centres. The operations manager needs some ways to assign the jobs which will be sent to centre, and look for an arrangement that will help to minimize the processing and setup costs, minimize the unwanted time in work centre, or minimize the job completion time. Under this situation, Gantt chart that used for loading and scheduling can help them. Gantt chart is derived from Henry Gantt, who pioneered the use of charts for industrial scheduling in early 1900s. It can be used in two different ways. It is used to organize and display the actual or intended use of resources in a time framework Gantt chart can be separated into several types. The most popular types that commonly be used are load chart and schedule
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