Schematic Diagram Of Vapour Absorption Lab Report

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CHAPTER-6 REFRIGERATION CYCLE Figure shows schematic diagram of vapour absorption refrigeration system. In this system we use flat plate solar collector as source of heat energy and that heat energy will have used in generator. PROCESS: 7-1Generator is main component of our cycle and in the generator weak solution of LiBr and water is coming from absorber. This weak solution gets heated in Generator and the generated vapour having high temperature and high pressure is supplied to condenser. PROCESS:1-2In condenser there is not more change in the pressure and temperature only the change of phase from vapour to liquid. And then this high pressure and high temperature water is supplied to expansion valve. PROCESS:2-3Expansion valve is used for lowering the pressure and temperature. In expansion valve there is sudden change in diameter of pipes. This sudden change in diameter drops the pressure and temperature. So some of water get evaporate and this low temperature and low pressure water and vapour mixture supplied to the evaporator.…show more content…
And due to this the desired effect of refrigeration is achieved and now the evaporated water is supplied to the absorber. PROCESS:4-5Absorber is also essential component of our cycle. We use Lithium Bromide as absorber. Lithium bromide is highly hydroscopic substance so this absorb the water vapour coming from evapourator. The liquid being weak or dilute. This dilute liquid then pumped to generator through heat

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