Schindler Character Analysis

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Schindler after the war is over he regrets not using every single bit of his money to just save one more Jew, he didn’t do enough. His ring could have saved two jews, his car could hold ten Jews. Schindler’s list is during the Holocaust where a busniess man Oskar Schindler buys Jews because there are cheaper to make money for him but is that the real reason to buy these Jews. The conflict between Goethe and Schindler grows. The transformation and development of Schindler throughout the movie is extraordinary.
In Schindler’s List the movie is about the savings of a thousand Jews during the Holocaust. Their savior is Oskar Schindler the protagonist of the movie while Amon Goeth is a General in charge of a labor camp who is the antagonist of the movie. Other important characters are as followed: Itzhak Stern, One armed man, and girl in red dress. In this movie Schindler forages Jews to work for him becuase Jews are cheaper. Throughout the movie Schindler’s outlook on Jews transforms. Oskar Schindler never claims the real reason of foraging Jews he just says he is doing it for busniess even though before and after the war his busniess and the factory was in non-production. He tricked the Nazis in allowing Schindler to have Jews for labor however Schindler is savinf Jews which is against the law as a Nazi. Towards the end of the movie he goes through a mental breakdown because he wanted to save more but as the movie states, “one who saves a life save the world entire.”
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